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Shrink-it is made up of a team of experienced installers with a background in both shrink wrapping and construction. This means we can tackle each project (large or small) with the technical know how and common sense required for success.

Shrink-It is a leading provider of premium shrink wrap solutions and our efficiency, technique and quality workmanship is second to none. Our shrink wrap is engineered to endure wind speeds of up to 80km/hr and our commitment is to install it with a focus on longevity, even in the most challenging weather conditions that are common in the Auckland region.

In line with our dedication to environmental sustainability, we have implemented robust recycling practices to minimise our ecological footprint. At Shrink-It, we strive to recycle nearly all of the shrink wrap we install, demonstrating our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

With 9 years of extensive experience in scaffold and shrink wrap, James is now leading Shrink-It, leveraging his wealth of knowledge to elevate the company’s performance. By incorporating enhanced communication, safety measures, and operational effectiveness, James ensures that Shrink-It operates at its utmost potential.

“Each project is planned out to ensure the best possible installation, which is supported by communicating with the engineer and scaffolders working on the project. We can provide a professional service that will change people’s minds on the importance of Shrink Wrap in the construction industry.”

James Sycamore, Director, Shrink-it

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